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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So, I may be a bit behind in my posting.

And even though I feel bad about that, I also feel slightly apathetic about it, because I'm BEAT. Holy crap. Anyway, quick update on the last few weeks, getting CoIST up and running for my company which is frustrating. It really kills me, I'd much rather be in a normal platoon with my friends, but such is life or so I've been told. I'm trying to go out more often, but I hate talking about army crap, as you all should know by now.

Um, got a new roommate, that's pretty cool. he's kinda a weird dude, and not weird like me(awesome) but weird like....Hmmm, how to say this nicely. I'll just let you fill in the blank:he is wierd like _____.

Man, once you blacklist army things to talk about then I really run out of stuff to talk about. I've recently decided I like Finch for all you young music listeners. I've been watching Dexter's Lab which is a lot of fun, it reminds me of being young, which I always miss. Herm....Oh, I know, let's talk about my crushed helmet.

Its been a while since its happened, so I forgot a few specifics, but basically this is the story:In Kuwait then we had all our weapons in cases so when they got moved from the FoB to the flight then we needed two escorts so my buddy, Gutoski, and I volunteered. We needed all our gear aka helmet and body armor. Not a big deal. What we also needed was our IDs which our XO(executive officer) had taken from us. So, we got halfway to the gate, got told we needed them, and the guy driving stops and I run back to get them. I run there and the XO and all the other guys are gone, so no IDs. I run back and the new driver is a girl now instead of a guy, not a big deal to me, EXCEPT while I was gone then they had actually switched from one truck to its identical twin, so we decide to take off without our IDs we'll get them at the flight. We start moving and there is a loud thud as we go over a 'bump' in the road. The girl is like "Oh no, did I hit something?" Do you think? Well, Guto had moved the gear, but my helmet had fallen and landed under a tire. There was this HUGE dent in the back of it, I wish I had pictures, but I can't upload here. Anyway, my awful day wasn't over. We get to the flight which means leaving one FoB(base) and going to another and at the other FoB then we had an ID check outside the front gate. Well, me and Guto don't have IDs so we get left OUTSIDE the gate while she goes to get our IDs. Holy crap, we were stuck outside of US protection without weapons for like an hour. It was lame. Anyway, we got on the flight, eventually, and made it here(wooo?)

And that's one story for you.