Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I feel that I owe you no explanation

But I'll still explain why I haven't posted it about a week or so. I went to Idaho, I'm still here, and I've just been lazing about and not posting, but I'll get back in the swing of things, in the meantime I'll talk about being back. I got to see Andrew and Nathan and Whitni and Devon and all sorts of awesome people, there are still a few I need to see, but I love that with good friends like them it feels like I got back from being gone for the weekend and that's it, it doesn't feel like its been a year or so.
Yesterday was Christmas and since I was at Mel's then it started off with me sleeping on the floor downstairs(My poor back) and getting woken up several times by the kids at about 8(Too early for my back or me) and then going up and having to watch them explode all over the living room, but Doc and Mom and Justin were there, in addition to Mel and Danny, so it was fun. I got a few books and some shirts and way too much candy, but I'm ok with that, haha. I went over to Ben and Linda's house and had dinner with them and the parents and Justin. It was nice and quiet compared to Danny and Mel's house, and then I went back to Danny and Mel's and Justin and I played games a bit then we watched Avatar that Danny got and I fell asleep right at that part I always fall asleep at, right as I said "I always fall asleep right here". It seemed like a good ending to a good day.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Many of you have probably been looking forward to this post

Day 11 - What's in your makeup bag.
HA! Yeah, well, I'm such and masculine figure of testosterone that it may shock you that I don't own a makeup bag, this is just what I get from stealing this challenge from Lauren. I guess I'll roll with the punches and talk about whats on my...Hmmm...I don't have that many interesting things, so I'll just tell you about my closet(that epiphany just came to me that I have a closet full of junk). Right now I have mounds of gear laying in there since I was in a rush to pack for leave, but normally its a few duffles of gear in the corner shoved against a box that my TV came in. I'm not sure why I still have that box, but I'm fairly certain it will do me good someday. Other things in there are my class A shoes and my dress shoes for church and a few other pairs of old shoes I never wear and my winter boots that I also never wear, haha. I've got my shirts hanging up on the short wall on the long wall then I have some uniforms hanging up and my class A's and a jacket or two. On the shelves then I have these blue bins from my parent's house that have a bunch of books. Its alot of old memories, but its cool to go through there every so often. On the top shelf then I have a ton of posters, I like to collect them and every so often then I replace the ones on my wall with those ones. I have a few I want to get frames for, I'm just too lazy/spacey to get the frames. That's about it.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another day, another post.

Day 10 - A photo of your favorite place to eat.
Since I have my strong aversion to taking pictures and the fact that my work takes it out of me and when I get home I never want to leave again, then I'm not going to take a picture of the place in question, and its not online. But the place is a mexican place, El Jimador. Its not the best food, but going there is always nice, its usually on the weekends with at least 1 friend, Harry or Ned or a big group of us, that place has alot of good memories. Although, to be honest, the last time I ate there then I had to run home to my bathroom and was sick for a weekend, but it was delicious.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sorry, I missed a day, all well.

Back onto the day thing.
Day 8 - A song to match your mood. For some reason it won't take my link, so just go to YouTube and watch You're So Last Summer by Taking Back Sunday.
Day 9 - A photo of the item you last purchased. The last thing I bought was a plane ticket home, so I guess I can't really take a picture of it. I'm really tired, or I'd be more lively, but know that I haven't given up on this thing.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 7 - Your dream wedding.

Again, I feel like its one of those things that are more for high school/middle age single girls. At any rate, I'll play the game. I'm not real picky about it, so long as my good friends are there and my family. I'd want Harry and Joe to be there from the army, along with alot of my other army friends, like Frank and Tavis. I kinda want something to go wrong, so that it will make a good story later on about how we freaked out about it, but of course everything would turn out awesome, but I like the hectic stuff.
Anyway, today I got up fairly early, it was nice, I LOVE sleeping, but I also like waking up in the morning at like 8 or 9 and being productive, and today I woke up about 9 or so and then cleaned and did dishes, it was all still dirty from yesterday. Then me and Hammy, my roommate(Jeremy Hamilton, but we call him Hammy) watched some Pokemon which was fun, then I watched some One Piece, an anime Harry LOVES and has gotten me to watch and in the meantime football was on my small TV so I could see that. After a while of that then I decided to lay down and relax and I put in a basketball game and Sgt Metheny, my squad leader called me and asked if I wanted to go out mudding with him, and we went out in the snow(first snow that stuck, started yesterday evening) and talked shop a bit, and stopped and shot his black powder rifle he had with him, it was a good time. When I got back then I talked to a former LT of mine who is in Afghanistan and he talked shop to me, it was good to hear from him and get the update on what was going on there. All in all, its been a great weekend, I hope its a great week as well.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Today is a twofor

Well, last night then I went to the Engineer Christmas Ball, so when I got home I REALLY didn't want to blog, haha. It was alot of fun though, I DDed Harry and a friend of ours Bret, and everyone got really drunk, and it was fun to see our leaders outside of work and get drunk, I had good talks with alot of people. Anyway:

Day 5 - A photo of yourself two years ago.

That photo is from when I graduated basic training in August of '08, so that's just about two years. Tada. Like I said, I'm not a picture person, be grateful you get any picture at all.
Day 6 - A photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet.

For those of you that are dog-gifted that is a Siberian Husky, its basically awesome. I've wanted one for a long time now, when I get out of the army maybe I'll pick me up one. We'll see.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My best friends

Well, I have a plethora of best friends, so I'm going to get a few in here and you'll have to live with. First a random though I had, there is nothing better than going home and being known by your first name. I'm known by all my friends as "Phill" or "Phillip" and by everyone who I work with as Cripe, and to be called Cripe all the time is a bummer, coming home and being known as Phillip is nice. Strange thought, but I felt it worth sharing. Anyway, friend number 1: Nathan Scholes.

Nathan, Nathan, Nathan. Where can I start? Nathan is such a fantastic guy, me and him met in church YEARS back, and we've been best friends for a long time. He's always been there when I've needed him, he's hilarious, he's ambitious, ect ect. The day I went to MEPS to join the army then he went on his mission and even though that wasn't so long ago, just about 2 and a half years, it feels like forever since I've been able to hang out with him. One of my goals when I get out of the army is to hang out with him like we used to, or at least close. He got married in October to another good friend of mine, Whitni, and I think that's awesome, I wasn't able to be there for the wedding which kills me when I think about it, but I'm super happy for them.
Friend number 2: Harry Lorigan

Me and him met when I redeployed from Iraq and he joined our platoon, but we never became friends will we realized an afinity for video games we both shared, among other things like anime and music and being retarded. He's my best friend in the army, hands down, and even though we've only known each other for a year I feel like me and him have way more stories than that.
There are about 3 others I want to get to, but I'm feeling way too tired to do them right now, no homo, but I'm sure I'll get to them later.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 3

Day 3:Your idea of the perfect first date.

I'm not going to lie, I think this is a dumb question which was made to get high school kids and 30 year old single women to blog more. I really don't go on many dates(none when I'm not on leave, actually) and my dates are much more like just hanging out, so I don't really have an idea what my perfect first date would be. All well.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 2

Well, its late(830 on a worknight, which is like 4 AM on a weekend to me) and I'm too lazy to actually take a picture of my own food. But here's a picture of a PB and J sandwhich, and yes, I did eat one today.
YUMMY! Anyway, I feel SOOOO dead tired today, work was just stupid and I have to fix my Class A's by tomorrow after lunch(Guess what I'm doing during lunch tomorrow?) and I've just felt stressed beyond all reason today.

Monday, December 6, 2010

We've done this once before, this time let's hope its at least marginally better.

I find myself sitting around watching TV in the background browsing the internet late at night when there isn't anything to do, so in order to occupy my time better then I guess I'll do this. To help me keep up to date more with this then I'm going to use this little doodad I found on another blog, it might keep me up to date. Also, I'll probably be posting lots of tiny things rather than very many things with actually substance, but you'll have to get used to it.
Here's the 30 day challenge:
Day 1 - A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.
Day 2 - A photo of something you ate today.
Day 3 - Your idea of the perfect first date.
Day 4 - Your favorite photograph of your best friend.
Day 5 - A photo of yourself two years ago.
Day 6 - A photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet.
Day 7 - Your dream wedding.
Day 8 - A song to match your mood.
Day 9 - A photo of the item you last purchased.
Day 10 - A photo of your favorite place to eat.
Day 11 - What's in your makeup bag.
Day 12 - A photograph of the town you live in.
Day 13 - Your favorite musician and why?
Day 14 - A TV show you're currently addicted to.
Day 15 - Something you don't leave the house without.
Day 16 - Your celebrity crush.
Day 17 - A photo of you and your family.
Day 18 - Something you crave a lot.
Day 19 - Another picture of yourself.
Day 20 - The meaning behind your blog name.
Day 21 - A photo of something that makes you happy.
Day 22 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.
Day 23 - 15 facts about you.
Day 24 - A photo of something that means a lot to you.
Day 25 - What's in your purse?
Day 26 - A photo of somewhere you've been to.
Day 27 - A picture of you last year and now and how you changed since then?
Day 28 - Your favorite movie.
Day 29 - Something you could never get tired of doing.
Day 30 - A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

So, day 1:

First of all, if you don't already know I really dislike taking pictures of myselfs, so this is a picture from several months ago, but all well. More on that later.
Today was a really good day, I didn't have work so that's always welcome. I woke up at around 10 and then just spend about an hour cleaning, then an hour playing Medal of Honor, so it was nice to just relax although I didn't really get all the cleaning done I wanted, but I got my laundry clean and dishes done. When I was cleaning I'd play Christmas Carols so it was good to get me into the holiday spirit, and now I'm REALLY revved up for Christmas and going home to see everyone. I called my friend Lyndsey to ask her if she could fix a hat I was preparing to mess up, and she said she might be able to, but more importantly it was nice to talk with her, we haven't talked in a long time. Tonight was a bit boring, I was looking forward to the New England-Jets game and it turned out to be a boring blowout, not only that but Chuck is on hiatus again until the 17 of Jan, so that's annoying. But overall it was a good day. I guess I've beaten that horse to death for now, see you guys for day 2.