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Friday, December 17, 2010

Many of you have probably been looking forward to this post

Day 11 - What's in your makeup bag.
HA! Yeah, well, I'm such and masculine figure of testosterone that it may shock you that I don't own a makeup bag, this is just what I get from stealing this challenge from Lauren. I guess I'll roll with the punches and talk about whats on my...Hmmm...I don't have that many interesting things, so I'll just tell you about my closet(that epiphany just came to me that I have a closet full of junk). Right now I have mounds of gear laying in there since I was in a rush to pack for leave, but normally its a few duffles of gear in the corner shoved against a box that my TV came in. I'm not sure why I still have that box, but I'm fairly certain it will do me good someday. Other things in there are my class A shoes and my dress shoes for church and a few other pairs of old shoes I never wear and my winter boots that I also never wear, haha. I've got my shirts hanging up on the short wall on the long wall then I have some uniforms hanging up and my class A's and a jacket or two. On the shelves then I have these blue bins from my parent's house that have a bunch of books. Its alot of old memories, but its cool to go through there every so often. On the top shelf then I have a ton of posters, I like to collect them and every so often then I replace the ones on my wall with those ones. I have a few I want to get frames for, I'm just too lazy/spacey to get the frames. That's about it.


  1. Darn. I was so looking forward to getting make-up tips from you!

  2. Ha, loved what Megan said! So I guess you're in Idaho now and I still haven't seen you! We'll come visit soon!

  3. Hah, Megan! You're so funny, Phillip!