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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I feel that I owe you no explanation

But I'll still explain why I haven't posted it about a week or so. I went to Idaho, I'm still here, and I've just been lazing about and not posting, but I'll get back in the swing of things, in the meantime I'll talk about being back. I got to see Andrew and Nathan and Whitni and Devon and all sorts of awesome people, there are still a few I need to see, but I love that with good friends like them it feels like I got back from being gone for the weekend and that's it, it doesn't feel like its been a year or so.
Yesterday was Christmas and since I was at Mel's then it started off with me sleeping on the floor downstairs(My poor back) and getting woken up several times by the kids at about 8(Too early for my back or me) and then going up and having to watch them explode all over the living room, but Doc and Mom and Justin were there, in addition to Mel and Danny, so it was fun. I got a few books and some shirts and way too much candy, but I'm ok with that, haha. I went over to Ben and Linda's house and had dinner with them and the parents and Justin. It was nice and quiet compared to Danny and Mel's house, and then I went back to Danny and Mel's and Justin and I played games a bit then we watched Avatar that Danny got and I fell asleep right at that part I always fall asleep at, right as I said "I always fall asleep right here". It seemed like a good ending to a good day.

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  1. It's so fun to read about your leave. That was fun to experience, too. :) We still have tons of candy from Christmas!