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Friday, February 4, 2011

Late Night Reminiscing and Resolution Update

Or early morning, depending on how you look at it.

Regardless of the time, I was feeling productive and I had just finished the last lego I had(once I make them I don't unmake them) and I needed something fairly quiet to keep my occupied because my roommate was sleeping. So I headed over to my closet and pulled down these old blue bins I had with stuff I had packed before I was in the army. So, this was kind of like opening a time capsule of three years or so and the old me showed. And even though I like who I am now, it helped me recognize how much I've changed in the last few years, going from a young man into an adult(I don't throw the term man about loosely) but it did still point out the things that I miss about my old life and the old me. I ran across alot of old books, things like Garfield and Charlie Brown, but also ones like Great Expectations which is probably one of my favorite books and I remember Ben got it for me when I turned 17. I also found some old posters of plays I was in and that made me really miss doing plays and being around fun people all the time. Its a really hard feeling to describe what I'm missing, but its something more than the play and the people, not to belittle my friends and the people who are here. I do miss that I've gotten out of contact with alot of my old friends though, I feel like I always had great great friends, but I always kept them sidelined for the "cooler" crowd and that makes me sad because now all the great people have moved on without me it feels. I know that I get in these mopey moods alot, I guess that's something I should have expected when I joined the army at a young age, all well. No changing it now.
In other news, I'm officially 1 week sober on mountain dew and when my roommate came home tonight he grabbed one(I still have PLENTY in my fridge for social events) and I could smell it from across the room. It was a very "Come to meeeeee......" moment where I wanted to go and get one, but I guess this is the first step in losing my Mt Dew belly.
I haven't done real well on scriptures, mostly because I have no set bedtime, maybe I should try and set one to regulate my life a bit more? The teeth thing I've been doing good on, but again, the no bedtime thing affects it.
The gym I've been good on, considering I've been on leave, I haven't been going to the gym, but I'll do SOMETHING, a few days a week. I need to get better still though, baby steps though(Thanks, Dr. Leo Marvin!)

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  1. Oh, that last line is so funny! And it's true about baby steps. The important thing is to keep trying! You'll be surprised at what happens over time.
    Congrats on the Mt. Dew project. That's great!
    I understand about missing old friends. It's kind of a shock in life when you realize that you've grown apart from them, but it happens to everyone to some extent. People marry, they divorce, they die, they move, they change, you change, etc., etc. However, you can pick the ones you want to stay in touch with and make a real effort to do that with them. Some of them will respond at some point, and it's very rewarding.
    My main point in saying all this is that, based on everything I've learned so far, persistence pays off big time when it comes to deciding what you really want in life and going for it.
    I can't really sustain the effort if I don't read the scriptures (at least a little) and pray for God's help sincerely.
    Just do that one thing, every day, and all the rest will follow. You're making me feel way closer to you, just by writing this blog.
    Thank you, Phillip. I wanted know you better!