Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Life is good today

It's a trend I'd like to keep going. Harry got home yesterday, and even though I like to think of myself as an independent person, I'm not, and I got to missing him, so it was awesome to hang out with him last night. Harry, Old Man, and Baxter came over and we ordered pizza and watched Once Upon A Time In Mexico, which I love. I love random action films like that, the ones you can make fun of but still watch the action. If you feel like watching a comedy or an action film it has you covered.
Anyway, my friend Lauren is always making these awesome lists of awesome things, so I think I'll give it a try.

-I have a bedroom that looks like it could belong to a very smart collected person, but he shares the room with a 9 year old from the 80s, and I'm ok with it.
-On my days off then I can play 16 hours of video games and not consider it a waste.
-I like to drop any pennies I have in change, because I'll never use them and maybe someone will pick one up and get good luck from it.
-I could drive for hours with a person I like and never get bored or have to stop.
-You can tell I really trust you when you suggest a song I should hear and I buy it on iTunes instead of just looking for it on youtube.
-Sometimes my habit of not lying about stupid things gets me in trouble a lot and sometimes when I tell people my reason for doing some things then they think its so funny that they just sit and stare at me for a minute then walk away laughing.
-I think Twitter is retarded. It's only Facebook status updates. I don't want to get updated that often on what people are doing. Isn't it bad enough we already have people that abuse their status to tell us stupid things? "I ate a bologna sandwhich, yum!"
-When the Jazz lose then it ruins my night.
-When the Jazz win then I can do no wrong. I'm going to start buying scratch tickets and saving them till a night they win.
-I can't go to sleep without listening to something.
-I'm so nerdy, I watch other people play Starcraft 2.
-The movies I really love, I don't watch with anybody that has never seen them before because if they don't like it then it will taint my view of them forever.
-I'd rather go out of my way to avoid talking to a stranger than ask them the tiniest questions or interact with them at all.
-I really miss my friends, but I'm not sure if I want to go back to Idaho to live.
-I really want to be the "cool uncle" that all my nephews and nieces want to hang out with.
-I have more fun with kids than I have with adults most of the time.
-I have no idea how to end this post.


  1. Your list was fun to read!
    I'm never going to see Facebook the same way now. And my next status is going to be what I just ate, just to drive you crazy! Wahaha!!!
    Your thing about going out of your way to avoid talking to a stranger sounds soooo much like Brooks! I have to do all the odd conversations with strangers because he is too scared.

  2. Megan, I never knew that Brooks was scared of strangers! I must have freaked him out!
    Phillip, I agree with your idea of dropping pennies! And I didn't know you didn't like talking to strangers! I just thought you had headaches and didn't want to talk!

  3. I completely agree about watching movies I love with people who haven't seen them before. On New Year's, remember how we watched Inception with Chris and Laura? And Laura's thought about the movie was, "That was a weird movie." And Linda couldn't handle it at all. After that I decided I am not watching it with anyone who doesn't already love it. Not because it taints myt view of it, but because I can't help but wonder if they even watched the same movie I did! I like the rest of your list, too and especially your description of your room. That sounds about like you. :)And I agree, I don't want updates about what people are doing ALL THE TIME. I really don't care that much. Really. Thanks for sharing your list and thoughts. It was very interesting. Oh, and I just ate some lunch meat with Emme. :)