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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Am I becoming my sisters(and mother?)

I've begun to blog due to boredom and realize that it actually makes me feel better. When I ramble on here I get it out without ACTUALLY telling anyone, even if people read it, which is what I need, I suppose. It floats my boat better than complaining in person.
I'm not really sure what to talk about, but I've had some LONG days recently. I can't tell specifics, but while dismounted in the last 6 days then I've been shot at alot, we had a vehicle hit with an IED with one of my best friends in the platoon in it(they're all ok though, thank god) and walked along way, gotten a lot of IVs and my feet and back are just sore and tore up. On the plus side, I got to go to Warrior and get my Gladiator poster for Ghazni and I finished Got Fight, the Forrest Griffin book, which was awesome. I got a Chuck Liddel book from Frank and read that in like a week, it was awesome.
I'm going to try running more often, I need to get cardio up, I eat like a fat kid and don't do enough cardio, thus becoming a fat kid. I decided to just do more cardio, rather than eat healthier. What's life without a pizza or two?
I caught up on most your blogs(that I know of) and they were all awesome. I love hearing about you guys and your lives and aspirations and even the stuff about Mel decorating her couches, which just proves to me how much of a single guy I am(My thoughts:That is such a comfy couch, just put it in a dark room with a TV if you don't want people to see it, duh)
Anyway, not sure what else to say. I'm getting frustrated a bit being here, but the last week I wasn't able to go to the gym(read:did not go because I did a LONG mission every day and dismounted causing me to sweat unholy amounts of smelly ooze) and I think going tomorrow will make me feel a bit better. Well, if you've read this far I'm obligating you to comment, just so I know who reads this without having to ask people I think do/should "Ohai, like, do you ummmm, read my blog?"
*enter foreign goodbye here*

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  1. I don't think you're quite the feminine type, Phillip, lol, but I like it when you blog. I find that blogging relaxes me and helps me feel like I've accomplished something with my time (otherwise, I forget what I've done).
    And reading and writing blogs makes me feel so much more connected to my family and close friends. I love the pictures and the funny stories and reading about each other's goals and aspirations, frustrations, and insights.
    We're kind of pulling each other along.
    I'm very concerned that you are being shot at, etc., although I realize you are in a war. It's just scary! So grateful that you and your buddies are safe so far, and praying for your safety, always.
    Loving You!