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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is a working title.

I'm still a little while from being home, but I'm really excited to be there! Megan and Sabriel will be coming in from W.V. which will be way fun, I haven't even seen Sabriel and I haven't seen Megan since I joined the army so I'm excited to see her again. I'm hoping that people will be able to make time to see me with school going on. We'll see how it shakes out I guess. I did get tickets for a BYU game on the 22nd and I'm going to go down and meet Ashley and see it. Hopefully Nathan and Whitni will be able to go down, too, but it's their 1 year anniversary(Yay them!!)
Things have been pretty boring around here, just doing missions and counting the days till I'm home. Zach went to the TOC(our headquarters) when he got back from leave, so that sucks. He's already hating it which I told him he would, haha. Harry is doing good, as are all my other friends, so thank God for that. I'll have more stories for people when I'm home on leave, I don't like blogging about army things, or really talking about them at all, actually.
I remember when Children of Men was coming out a few years ago and Nathan and I were WAY excited for it, but for some reason we never saw it(I think Mom said it got bad reviews?) but I ended up FINALLY watching it the other day. WHY DID I NOT SEE IT WHEN IT CAME OUT!!??!! I thought it was awesome!It has some fantastic continuous shots of car chases and battlefields that blew my mind. They're the kind of shots that I want to be known for when I direct. Clive Owen did great, too, which reminded me of before MGM had cast Daniel Craig as James Bond(who is my favorite Bond, second being Timothy Dalton, FYI) and I really wanted Clive Owen to be Bond. It put me in a Bond mood, so now I've watching all the movies again which is good.
Anyway, with no hiccups in Afghanistan then I'll be home soon! yay! Hope you guys are all doing good.


  1. We are SOOOOO excited to come home!!! Well, I am, and if Sabriel knew what was coming I'm sure she would be excited too.
    I've never seen a single Bond film.
    Sean Connery sure is nice to look at though so maybe he is my favorite Bond?
    Hope everything goes well these last few weeks so you get to come home at the same time!

  2. Thank you, Phillip, for getting Megan's ticket to come out with Sabriel while you're here. That makes it a real family reunion!
    Stay safe! We're praying for Brett and you all and the families. Love you!