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Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's been a hard week

So, as you guys may or may not know then we had 3 guys die this last weeks, so I'm just going to talk about them a bit.
They got hit by an IED and the driver(Drake) and the TC(LT Lechowich) died there and the gunner(Gutowski) died on the way to Bagram. Right now Brett is in Germany fighting for his life, he's still unconscious but I'm sure he'll pull through, he's stubborn like that.
Drake was a new guy that came to us when we were already in country about three months ago. He came with 3 other new guys and he was the only one that kinda faded into the background without doing anything stupid. I did like him though, you could talk with the guy and he was really easy going and a hard worker.
LT Lechowich was the same way, I met him the first time when I came back from FoB Warrior with 1st platoon after a month away and he had moved in my room with me. It was really dark in the building and he had his stuff EVERYWHERE(he had just moved in) and so I kept tripping over it all trying to get in. Then I got to the TOC where he was and introduced myself and then I kept giving him a hard time about it saying that it was such a pigsty in there and how I always like a good clean room(blatant lies) and little things like that. He just had a baby on the 23rd and had gotten to see her on Skype, but never got to meet her. He got married last November. He was a really laid back person with a great sense of humor who could make a joke out of anything and was always trying to make life easier on his soldiers.
Guto is the one I'm going to miss the most though. I'd known him since I had gotten back from Iraq. He had gone to basic with harry and he was always having barbeques at his house and just getting wasted every weekend. He was a guy that was always walking around with a big idiotic grin on his face, too. He was that guy that was always going to still act like he was in high school, getting drunk and listening to Blink 182 and singing along like an idiot. I have a ton of great memories with him. Me and him were going to go to a Dave Mathews Band concert when we got back and eventually meet in Boston(where he lives) on St Patrick's Day and see Dropkick Murphy's. He LOVED all teams from Boston and you could get him talking about sports for hours if you just said something bad about any of them. He thought Tom Brady was the rebirth of Christ, haha.
That's all I have to say about that. Pray for their families and for Brett.


  1. Soooo sad to hear about them. Makes them seem more real.Just thinking about their lives and what they were going through, and then to have it all end so suddenly. SOOOO SAD! Especially hearing about the guy with the brand new baby. Can't. Stand. To. Think. About. It.
    We will keep them in our prayers, and keep you in our prayers as well.

  2. Thank you for posting about the guys. I hadn't known they were in with you! That's so sad. And the new baby...that's too sad for words.
    We pray for you all the time, and we'll pray for them. I hope you guys have access to counseling or something. Was it a regular IED or a remote command one?
    How are the injured guys?
    We love you!

  3. Wahhh, that was hard to read, so it must be really hard for you. They were your friends, and that makes it even more real to see how close you are to being in danger. Thanks for writing about them, they sounded like good friends of yours. We'll keep praying for you. Love you lots.