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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seems about time I posted again....

So, leave came, leave saw, and leave conquered. Or something along those lines. I ended up flying home with my buddy from my unit, Norman Craig, which was fun and it was nice to have someone else to be confused with/annoyed with due to the army's way of moving people from place to place. When we got to Kuwait we got stuck for 30 hours or so, which was kind of a buzzkill, but we were in the same tent with a medic that was showing us a collection of videos he had collected from friends and he and I ended up becoming good leave friends and later that night when he(Girard) and I were separated during a brief then a really hot girl came and sat down by me in the brief and we started talking during the brief(army briefs rarely tell you anything important, in this case it was 1 hour to tell us to show up in the morning at 8, so we had 59 minutes or so to spare) and afterward we went and grabbed food and Girard found us and turns out she(Hawkinson) and him work together as a medic team in Bagram. It was nice hanging out with them for flight back and we got to talk about alot of cool things. Hawkinson and Craig said they hated us though because "You two just met and already we can't say anything to get between you two and you guys have these 1,2 insult combos already" but they still hung around. In Dallas then Hawkinson had a flight to catch and Girard and I had a 5 hour layover so we ate at Fridays with another girl with a layover(Davis, I think?) and that was way fun to hang out with them and not be bored for 5 hours.
I ended up landing late Saturday night in Idaho Falls and my parents picked me up and dropped me off at Mel's house(Mel and Danny were in Salt Lake picking Megan and Sabriel up) Justin and Seth were there so I convinced Justin that we needed pizza and we went and picked that up. By the time we got back and were done talking then I had been awake for around 30 hours or so and ended up eating one piece of the pizza and falling asleep. The next morning I grabbed a piece on the way out the door(even though Justin had refrigerated it. What a looney, doesn't understand the right way to let pizza age) and that was the last I saw of it because when I came back from Church then I looked for it and Danny and Mel had eaten it. :'( It was nice going to church and seeing everyone, I really miss going to church regularly and my home ward is so amazing.
Anyway, the next day I got a phone and all that for leave and I was going to Rexburg to meet with Nathan and Whitni to hang out and right before I left town then they suggested we go see a movie in Idaho Falls. Armed with fresh time to spare and the unwillingness to go back to Mel's house after I had just said bye for the night then I drove around town and for some reason found myself at the Whittier's house.
Well, as I pulled up then I saw someone working on the old truck in the garage and it turned out to be Cory trying to change the headlight(this didn't work out well for him) and we ended up talking for about an hour! It was so great to see him again, it had been so long. I missed him and all the Whittiers. I got his number and had to run to the movie.
I went to the Paramount and it wasn't there so I assumed it was at the Edwards. I got there literally as the show was supposed to be starting, except there was one problem. It wouldn't start because it wasn't there. Going about 12,000 MPH I got to the Centre Twin apparently right after the movie started and was able to find Nathan and Whitni fairly easily. After the movie(good action, no plot, token Olivia Wilde hot chick) we went to Starbucks and just sat and talked for about an hour or so and then wandered around Wal Mart for another hour or so, 50 minutes of which was spent smelling candles.
I'm going to sum up the rest of leave in cliff note form, this thing is getting wordy. You all let me know what you want to hear about and I'll do my best to write another post about that thing.

-Pictures with family
-hanging out with Haley and racquetball with Dallin
-Haunted house with Ashley
-Saturday with Lauren
-Lack of BYU game
-Preparing to go to BYU-I
-sitting around all day relaxing and not sleeping till like 3 AM
-specifics of hanging out with justin
-Andrew and our escapades
-Haunted Mill with Nathan and Andrew followed by meeting up with Lauren and her roommates
-Final days.

In summary for now, leave was a dream come true. I just didn't have a care in the world, was able to meet two new nieces, catch up with family, eat a ton of unhealthy food, find out Linda was pregnant(for non family, I never find out about pregnancies until months after the rest of the family which was the case again....), and I think that is all, but I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I post this.


  1. Phillip, I am so glad you posted! I loved reading about your trip home. SOOOOO glad Sabriel and I got to be a part of it too! Some of my favorite times were when we went to Rexburg. Getting smoothies, walking the campus with Danielle and you, playing on the Wii, etc. That was just so much fun. We really got to spend a lot more time with you this time. It probably helped that my other kids weren't there distracting me. :)
    Be safe and hopefully we will get to see each other again next summer and you can meet Anya! We'd love for you to visit here too!

  2. P.S. LOVE the new picture with the little Saber Kitty!

  3. It's so exciting to read your post and get your take on the leave! That meant a ton to us, especially having you and Megan here and getting complete family pictures! Don't forget to post about the Halloween party and seeing Tut and Leto. I promise to let you know right away if I'm pregnant. :)