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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bored Times at Ghazni High

I just couldn't think of anything to put as a title so you get that. Really nothing new is here, I'm just living life some more. I'm starting to think of packing things and getting ready to go home and how I'm going to live in Idaho, ect. I need to buy a new car and that seems like it will be a pain as well as me needing to find a roommate and I really don't want to make new friends/be forced to live with someone who I don't know so we'll see how that works. If I work at Island Park than that will give me some time to work it out(WOOO! Procrastination!) Erm, lessee here. Nathan and Whitni are blogging more often now so that makes me happy to read about their lives, I miss them alot. I wish you guys all blogged more so I could read about all the things that are happening.

Oh, random thought I had the other day:I wonder if water will run faster if it is warm than if it were at a temperature right about freezing. Water has weird properties so I don't know if laws of kinetics really apply to it or how I would figure it out but it could be a nice way to spend some time.

Oh, I also found Hayley Whittier's blob(Cory's wife) so that's way cool, I only got to meet her briefly at the Haunted Mill when I was on leave, but if I know Cory then I can only assume she's amazing. I read some of her old blogs about when he proposed and everything, it was very...*think of right word*...Hmmm. I can't think of the word right now that won't emasculate me so you guys just go read it yourself.

Anyway, I'm still alive. I also noticed I started the last two "paragraphs" with "Oh" that's kinda annoying me but I'm not going to change it or else I wouldn't be able to have this sentence and it makes this post look longer than it it. Bye everybody!


  1. Well great you said you found Cory's wife's blog so I just spent 15 minutes trying to find their blog but I can't find it! Tell me what the address is!
    Also, yesterday Hunter found an empty Reese's wrapper and he said,"Uncle Phillip's chocolate! Uncle Phillip ate it all?" Haha! he remembered that you ate a thousand Reese's while you were here in October! Isn't that funny that he still remembers that about you? You'll probably have to keep up the tradition of always having Reese's with you now, especially cuz I like it when you give me some too. :)
    I guess it's better for you to be bored than sitting in a hospital or something! Keep staying alive!

  2. I'd love to find it too! Unless she is reading this, and doesn't want to feel weird and scared of all of Phillip's random sisters wanting to read it... In that case, I don't want to read it. (Philly, just send the blog address via private e-mail. wink. wink.)
    And about the water, I bet Brooks knows the answer to that question. Or Ben.
    Good luck trying to figure out what to do when you get home! If I were you, I'd try to save for the car so you have the moolah when you get back. Then you will feel like you have a lot more freedom. And remember you don't have to get an ubber nice car, just a good one that runs and will last a while... and one that will make you look good on dates. :)
    Bahaha... Just read Haley's comment about Hunter and remembering you with the Reese's! Well, I remember you eating those too, so make sure you have a good sharable stach when you see me next too!!!

  3. Hahah! Thanks for reading the blog!!!! That makes me happy. My blog address is You can let your sisters know :) Come visit us when youre in town!

  4. I'm glad you read our blogs and that you blog too. I think it's so funny that Hunter also remembers me for having chocolate in my purse one time. And that was a long time ago!