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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frank's Visit

Ok, I meant to have posted again much sooner than this, but I refuse to accept that it's Tuesday already. At any rate, pretty normal work week, on Friday then I was helping in the arms room for a while and that night we all got called in and told a weapon was missing and because I had been in there I had to have my room searched. Sgt Will(my old squad leader from Iraq) searched it and after a while they found where the weapon was, it was a clerical error and a civilian company had it, they just didn't realize it at first, but that was fairly nerve racking.
On Saturday then I ended up going with my buddy, Frank, who I had deployed with. He was in town visited for the first time since the summer, and he got a fight in Osage Beach and me and him drove down there for it and got to catch up on the ride there. When we got there we met up with his sister, Jen, and we went to eat before the fight. We ended up meeting a few more people at the fight there to support him and he was fight 10 out of 14, so he had a long wait, and none of the fights were that great, it was fun to hang out with Jen and Britney that were both sober and watch Daniel, who was not sober, hit on Jen and Russ, also not sober, sink more and more into the stages of his drunkenness.
When it came to Frank's fight then he was up against a slightly older person who looked pretty strong(Frank said he was) and it was a really good fight. The first round was pretty lopsided for the other guy, he took Frank to the ground and Frank panicked(standard for Frank in the first round) and Frank got saved by the bell at the end of the round. The second round went to the ground again and Frank began to get some composure again and it was a pretty even round with a few good hits. The third round then Frank almost got a lock when the guy speared, but the guys' neck basically dissapeared(he was a really good grappler) and it ended up going to desicion. Frank lost 30-27, but he was happy. He said he was worried about his first loss and now he knows he's not going to be depressed he's happy with it.
After the fight we stayed for the last few which were all really good and then left to various bars(no worried, Jen, Britney and I were all DDs) and went back to a condo that we had reserved earlier and we ended up being up till about 5 or 6. The bars closed at 2, and then we went back and I left to get food and Frank and I went to Dennys and got back around 330 and he went to bed and I saw Britney getting hit on by Duke and Master P, two people I don't know really well, but I could tell she didn't like it, so I stayed up and sat with them till those two went to bed. I was SOOO tired and Frank ended up getting me up at 10 and we left. Jen, Britney, Frank and I went to Denny's and the service was awful, its put me off from Denny's for awhile, but we ended up splitting up afterwards. Me and Frank talked again on the ride back, which is way more fun that I can put into words on here, and I'm not going to try and recreate an hour and a half of conversation to show you, but he's one of my favorite people, I really missed him, I look up to him alot. On Sunday night then I was at home and Frank texted me saying they were playing beer pong at JCs so I took Old Man and Lurch over there to play for a while. Me and Lurch almost beat JC and his wife, who had a monopoly(don't worry Lurch drank for me) and after a few hours we left again.
On Monday then Frank and I left to Jeff City to visit a friend of ours Becky, who neither of us had seen in about 8 months, so that was nice to see her again. I stayed at my house with Old Man and Lurch last night and this morning, Frank had to leave today in the afternoon, which was sad, but it was a really fun day. Lurch, Old Man and I watched old video game reviews by Angry Video Game Nerd, who is hilarious(parental advisory:swearing. Don't say I didn't warn you) and then Lurch left and Old Man and I just played games and watched TV and hung out. Not I'm here. This weekend was a really great weekend, I'm sad I probably won't see Frank for over a year unless we get to see eachother when I'm on midtour leave, but its OK, I suppose. He did mention that when Tavis(our buddy from Iraq) gets back from his next tour(around when I get out) then they were planning on doing the appalacian trail and he said I should get down on it, which I think would be a great way to celebrate being a free man again. I guess for now then I'll just have to keep doing what I'm doing and let life happen.

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  1. I really enjoy your posts, Phillip. Sounds like you have some really good buddies. That'd be cool if you get to do the Appalachian Trail with your friends when you get out of the Army!