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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lazy weekend

This has been a nice weekend, just what the doctor ordered in fact. I've just sat around for all of it. On Friday night then Harry and Bret came over and we made Macaroni and cheese with brats in it(one of our traditional meals) and watched Alpha Dog, which we had heard was good. It was pretty good, not a favorite or anything, but worth watching. Then they went home and we all got on xbox live and played CoD together until early morning, so that was fun. Saturday then I woke up nice early, went on a run, and then slept again till about 2. But the important thing is I DID wake up early and run. Chris came over in the afternoon and surprised me with a pizza, so he stayed most the day and we just played games and watched TV, so it was relaxing. Last night then Harry and I were playing games and Andrew got online so I got on with him and spent all night playing games with him. I'm SOOOO tired now, all well. I feel like it was a mistake to stay up all night, but we rarely get to play together, so I'm ok with it.
Harry leaves for two weeks tomorrow, I'm really sad about that, but I'm glad he gets to go to school, I do feel like it snuck up on us though, we never really got to do any goodbye hurrah hangout thing like we normally do and I feel bad about that. I don't think he's upset by it, but I feel like a good friend would have done something, rather than nothing.
Today then Chris and his family came over this morning before they leave next weekend for the deployment. Chris is just going to have his wife live with her mom while he's gone, so its too bad she and the kid are leaving already, their kid is a sweetheart, she's awesome. Me and her played all day with MMs and jumping on the bed and all sorts of fun things, so I guess she's worn out. Random awesome fact:me and her were sitting on the bed playing and she was sitting in my lap and Chris said "Cripe, you look like a dad" and I was like (in my head) "YOU ARE FRICKING RIGHT I DO!!! I'M GONNA BE AN AWESOME DAD!!!"
Anyway, this next week is supposed to be a LONG week, so I might not post again till next week.

While we're here:Day 14 - A TV show you're currently addicted to. Hmmm, I'm watching The Big Bang Theory, and its pretty good, I'm not addicted. I'm also watching this anime Tangen Toppa Gurren Lagann that I got from Harry, it's one of his favorites of all time and I really like that one. I guess those will do for this question.
Oh, btw:Lauren made it to North Carolina fine and safe and she's so happy that it actually makes me jealous. Yes, I'm a bad friend, but I'm jealous of her happiness, haha.


  1. Good luck on your busy week!
    It is so crazy how different our lives are right now, me with kids and family stuff all weekend and you with army and free time. Someday you will be a dad though like you said, and then we can share all kinds of diaper and sick kid stories! Aren't you excited?!

  2. Oh, I was surprised that I had missed so many of your posts! I don't get on the computer that often. Anyway, I really like all your goals, I think they are really good goals that will all make a huge difference in your life, especially as time goes on. They make me happy for you. I am glad that you will get deployed soon, and then you can be your own man for a while, before you get a boss and a wife and kids and then goodbye to that!! Haha! Keep telling us about your adventures- I don't think they sound juvenile. But then again, I spend most of my time every day with children under the age of 8, so I might not be the best judge! Let us know how your goals are going- I need to take up the exercise every day thing myself. I feel lazier than ever!! But happy. Probably what Tut feels like most of the time. Hehe...

  3. It's so nice that you play with little kids. I'm glad that you have such good friends, too.